Sonia Sotomayor, the U.S. Supreme Court’s first Hispanic justice, isn’t expected to shatter precedent with her rulings on high court pension cases, according to ERISA attorneys.

Sotomayor Expected to Stay Mainstream in Pension Rulings
, Work Force Management (August 10, 2009)

I ran a Lexis search limited to opinions written by Sotomayor and, after some rather tedious reading, I agree with the author of this article.   If the past is an indication of the future, the new Supreme Court justice will add little to the ERISA equation.  The article notes, however, that:

In her new position, Sotomayor might get the opportunity to enhance her expertise on ERISA issues, because rumor has it that the high court assigns its arcane cases to its most junior member.

Were she replacing one of the conservative members of the Court that might make some difference.  Replacing Souter, however, her addition will likely leave the status of ERISA jurisprudence unaltered