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Plan Compliance Evaluation

We provide assistance to co-counsel in assessing benefit plan compliance with ERISA and other regulatory requirements.  We approach this work as tax and benefit lawyers but place matters in context based upon our practical experience in ERISA litigation.

Case Evaluation

More than most areas of legal practice, ERISA and benefits law presents technical issues that may result in decisions of ultimate issues by motion practice.  For example, ERISA preemption, removal and remand comprise an important question of jurisdiction that will always be fundamental to available remedies.  In these areas, our firm can provide valuable guidance in the evaluation and preparation of a case.

Expert Testimony

Industry experience gives us a good insight into the location and selection of qualified experts.  This advantage saves clients and counsel valuable time and resources by assuring better outcomes in the selectio process.

Briefing and Advocacy

With experience in practice in both federal and state court, including appellate practice, our firm can provide an important edge in prosecution of a case or defense of claims.