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If you are an employer or plan sponsor and seek more information about how you can protect your plan against fraud and abuse, please see our Plan Sponsors  page.

If you are an attorney and would like more information about our firm, please go to our For Attorneys resource page.

Our firm assists claims administrators and service providers in managed care, stop loss and claims administration disputes.  For inquiries, please contact us to arrange a case evaluation.
Harmon & Major, P.A. is based in Greenville, South Carolina.   We unite real-life insurance industry know-how with ERISA litigation experience to give clients a unique option in legal services.   

Our particular practice emphasis lies in the field of group health plan law and we are often engaged to handle issues arising in the self-funded plan industry. 
Frequently, we are requested to assist in recovery of funds and damages by employers or health plans that are victims of overcharges or funds diversion. 

Our practice focus enables us to provide aggressive advocacy with a high level of client service.   We invite you to contact us if you require advice or representation in the areas of our practice.

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