Paul Secunda, Assistant Professor of Law at Marquette, and prolific author, announced that he will not be a regular contributor at Workplace Prof Blog (see “Secunda Signing Off” post).  Paul made this decision to make more time for writing and his family, and that is quite understandable. 

Paul has done some really great work at Workplace Prof Blog over the years.  I particularly have enjoyed his “real time” commentary when the Supreme Court is handing down opinions and his uncanny ability to predict outcomes.  Thanks, Paul,  for the time you contributed in keeping us posted on ERISA developments with insightful comment.  

(By the way, Paul is a moderator of the ERISA Preemption forum at, a free (registration required) discussion board for ERISA attorneys which I co-administer, so be sure to visit that forum from time to time if you have not done so already.)