The Senate health care legislation bill is now available for public review.  Here are the links:

From the Senate Democrats’ Site:

Manager’s Amendment Now Available, 12/19/2009
Download the complete text of the Manager’s Amendment, #3276 to Reid Substitute amendment #2786 (Click for PDF)

Download the complete text of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Senate health insurance reform bill. (Click for PDF)

(The Manager’s Amendment details the deal-making necessary to get the votes for cloture.  This is where, for example, the indoor tanning salon business tax and other revenue-oriented measures appear.)

From the Senate Republicans’ Site:

The bill can be downloaded or viewed online here.   Also of interest, the Congressional Daily Digest excerpt here on closing debate, this timeline of the proposed legislation via that same resource.

Is the Senate bill on a collision course with the House bill previously passed? assesses the odds here.